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For many years now, Pexco has used its “What Will You Make Today?” approach to work with customers on a variety of challenging applications.  While the product designs, materials, process and fabrication differ, what is common to all these projects is team-based innovative thinking and great collaboration with our customers and markets. 

Filtration: Filtering out the competition

For over 40 years, Pexco has supplied one of the world's largest membrane system providers with filtration cartridges.  Back in 1971, Pexco was asked by the customer to create a 3" diameter extruded filter hosing with a matching injection molded end cap that required extremely tight tolerances for solvent welding.  

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Consumer: Pexco Applies Exacting Expertise to Writing Instrument Product

A leading brand of pens and markers wants to outsource high volume product component manufacturing to a reliable, specialty extruder close to its assembly production and packaging facility in Mexico. Today, Pexco co-extrudes a high volume of pen barrels and refill casings of varying colors and shapes (round, triangle, square) and ships finished products to the client packaging facility in Baja California.

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Retail & P.O.P. : A Well Oiled Point-of-Purchase Solution Drives Sales

A leading retailer with a nationwide footprint wants to reset more than 4,500 stores throughout the U.S. and Mexico with a proven shelf solution within an extremely tight timeframe. This shelf solution consists of coextruded and extruded components including a label holder, dividers and a glide tray.

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Lighting: A Coextruded Lighting Solution with International Reach

A leading LED developer and provider with an international client base needed a leak resistant coextruded profile  to illuminate commercial canopy spaces. Pexco collaborated and leveraged its extrusion, lighting industry, tool, and die expertise to design a custom lens and end-cap solution that meets exacting design and engineering specifications.

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Retail P.O.P: Small Concept Grocery Store Goes Big with Aisle Markers

A leading small box discount retailer wants to launch a new grocery store concept and seek a proven retail plastics manufacturer to design and deliver larger custom aisle marker signage to fit within approved design specifications. The two-piece aisle marker is larger, easy to install using universal ceiling hardware and exceeds exacting weight and design specifications.

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Aerospace: New Jets Take Off With a Lightweight Aerospace Solution

A military jet manufacturer entering the passenger market called upon Pexco's aerospace engineering and tooling expertise to engineer a lightweight passenger service unit. Today, regional jets in Eastern Europe and Central Asia are featuring structurally sound, lightweight aircraft stow bin rails and supports, reducing weight by up to 700 pounds per craft.

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Pexco Scores on Top with PDS® Fence Products

As a strong supporter of the Washington Redskins football franchise, FedEx had purchased the naming right to the stadium in Landover, Maryland, changing the name to “FedEx Field”. FedEx was then interested in prominently promoting its brand name by seeking to boldly display the FedEx logo  and branded color scheme along the top of the stadium.  

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Long term partnership and process optimization

A young start-up had purchased technology from an industry giant – they had the product, but no place to manufacture it.  The fledgling company needed a contract manufacturer with not only the right equipment, but the right mindset to take on a project they both believed in.

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Collaboration Rolls Open Doors That Set the New Standard

Design a lighter roll-up freight truck door to meet strict tolerances and withstand the harshest weather and operating conditions.

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Making Next Generation Medical Device Manufacturing Easy

Knowing well its Design for Manufacturability (DFM) expertise and process precision, a major player in the orthopedic medical device market wanted to leverage exceptional prior customer relations with Pexco to launch an innovative new surgical device for knee reconstruction procedures.

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Improving Safety on the 6th Most Dangerous Road in the World

Engineer a roadside delineator post that improves visibility and safety while reducing maintenance along one of the most remote and dangerous roadways in the world.

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A Takeover Tool Study – Blood Filtration Systems for Surgery

A leading medical device manufacturing firm, accustomed to only molding internally for more than thirty years, wanted to focus on its core capability and expand its assembly operations by outsourcing. They needed to find a new injection molder to take over and deliver an extensive project within 90 days for a crucial blood filtration and dialysis platform.

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A Breakthrough Medical Procedure Assisted By Pexco

Deliver complex, specialty tubing for a medical device that would improve women’s health.

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A Flexible Solution for a Cold Impact Challenge

A Canadian transportation authority needed a reliable Guardrail Marker solution that would not fail under extreme cold and snow plowing impact and effectively delineate rural roads.

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Maximizing HVAC Component Design and Durability

A major HVAC appliance manufacturer needed to quickly deploy a more efficient and durable residential unit platform design that would reduce assembly time, materials cost and warranty repairs without sacrificing safety.

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Thought Leadership

Value-Added Finishing & Assembly

Pexco makes full use of “Last Touch” resources and adds finished finished value to extruded components.


Pexco expands Mexicali

In February 2014 Pexco announced the expansion of its Baja California operation.  By August, it was production ready.  

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