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Specialty Industrial

Pexco was born in custom plastics. Specialty, unique  plastics applications are part of Pexco’s DNA. We serve the needs of various markets and applications across North America. More than 100 engineering and production specialists provide consultation, design and production of extruded and molded plastic solutions challenges. 

Other Industrial Markets

Pexco actively sells into many other Industrial market applications, supplying profile extrusions and injection molded parts for up to as many as 30 additional segments. Below are the primary categories into which we group these manufacturing solutions, but we specialize in Custom Plastics. So if you have a need and an idea, reach out to Pexco, a trusted advisor for specialty plastic solutions.

  • Transportation
  • Building and Construction
  • Industrial Equipment
  • Consumer
  • Life Sciences

Click here to review a comprehensive list of materials that we can process and convert for your custom application.

Case Studies

For many years now, Pexco has used its “What Will You Make Today?” approach to work with customers on a variety of challenging applications. While the product designs, materials, process and fabrication differ, what is common to all these projects is innovative thinking.

At Pexco, we pride ourselves not only on being thought leaders but working with leading thinkers in various industries. Always doing out best to design and fabricate innovative custom solutions for today and tomorrow.

Other Capabilities

Pexco’s approach is to provide the trusted, custom solutions of a traditional business partner/supplier with the scale and reach of a sophisticated manufacturing organization.

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Spectrum Aquisition

In 2013, Pexco acquired injection molding capabilities.