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For over 40 Years Pexco has manufactured either plastic components or targeted filter media solutions for global leaders in the Filtration industry. Extruded and machined filtration system housings, injection molded system caps & components, and extruded biofilm reactor media all comprise Pexco’s offering to this space.  

Filtration Products

Pexco’s Filtration industry product and component solutions typify the comprehensive process technology capability the company brings to specialty plastics applications. On the one hand, our membrane system components, housings, and cores demonstrate precision extrusion, molded, and machined plastics of high performance engineering materials, such as polysulfone. On the other hand, our multistrand HDPE extrusions with maximized surface area for Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor (MBBR) media exemplify the company’s ability to manufacture cost-effectively complex geometric profiles at high volume throughput.

Performance Material Processing

Pexco processes and converts a wide range of material solutions, from PEEK and PC to HDPE.  Polysulfone, Noryl®, PVC, CPVC, ABS, PP, and HDPE are all featured in our Filtration products.  And we have the capability & experience to develop new solutions for you and your market performance needs.

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Pexco manufactures solutions with over 400 different material grades and types.

Manufacturing Capabilities

More than just Extrusion

Pexco brings multiple technology divisions and platforms to your market and needs, delivering a full suite of plastic product components and assemblies.

Filtering out the competition

In this case study illuminating the Pexco difference,  Pexco was asked by a market leading Filtration company to create a 3" diameter extruded filter housing with a matching injection molded end cap that required extremely tight tolerances for solvent welding.