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Pexco's industrial division provides specialty complex plastic solutions for a wide variety of customers and industries.   Our solutions are supported by a comprehensive  network of engineering consultants and manufacturing facilities in all major industrial regions.


Shaping your vision

Pexco’s industrial market encompasses filtration, lighting, and traffic safety sectors, as well as customers who require specialized material extrusions or molded parts.


A brighter, more efficient tomorrow

With over 40 years of experience manufacturing and supplying lighting fixture components to OEMs and distributors, we are the leading provider of extruded and injection molded lenses, tube guards, wrap lenses, replacement bulbs, and heat sinks based on our engineering capabilities and market knowledge.


Saving lives

The Davidson Traffic Control product line, which has been providing traffic safety solutions worldwide since 1983, offers a unique family of channelizer posts, flexible delineator posts, work zone pavement markers, modular curb systems, guard rail and sign post reflectors, pedestrian safety signs, snow poles and type III barricades that have earned worldwide acceptance.

Specialty Industrial

Bringing your custom designs to life

With over 40 years of experience, Pexco understands better than most the demands and idiosyncrasies of specialty plastics manufacturing for those unique parts and designs that only you have conceived.


Media matters

Designed for efficiency in demanding environments, Pexco's plastic components, tubular membranes, plastic casings and cores, and MBBR media provide a range of solutions to many filter applications throughout North America. With customer focus, Pexco's innovative products have been used in beverage filtration systems, process equipment, laboratory, wastewater management, pool & spa, and many others.