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Defense & Aerospace Custom Plastics

Pexco is a leading manufacturer of plastics components and solutions for both Commerical law enforcement and Military Defense applications.  We manufacture for the Defense Industry both precision injection molding as well as custom profile extrusion of most all high performance plastic materials.  

Defense Capabilities

Pexco’s capabilities include Precision Injection Molding; Open and Close Profile Extrusion; Sub-Assembly and Value-added Machining.
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Defense Products >

From simple products and designs, such as 40mm casings, to night-vision systems to complex military aircraft and defense missile programs, Pexco continually delivers innovative and first-class plastic engineering to the industry. 

  • Military Aircraft
  • Ground Vehicles
  • Vision and Targeting Systems
  • Missile Defense
  • Naval Systems
  • Radar Systems
  • Tactical Communication
  • Less than Lethal
  • Unmanned Systems

Defense Case Study >

A leading global defense contractor was challenged to redesign a soldier-mounted vision system. The objectives were to reduce cost and weight, consolidate the component parts of the design, and rationalize the vendor base providing a number of value-added secondary operations in the manufacture of the system, including machining, painting and plating.
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As a trusted plastics manufacturer and advisor, our established, ISO approved and ITAR registered facilities ensure that all of our products meet or exceed our customer requirements. Learn More >