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High volume.  Design Innovation.  Flexibility.  Experience.  Manufacturing Diversity.  These are but some of the many characteristics OEMs are looking for when they engage Pexco for plastic solution within the consumer products category.

Consumer Product Market Applications

Pexco’s consumer products customers expect high-throughput manufacturing capacity and experience. And we deliver. Our continental footprint, capacity & scale, manufacturing experience & discipline, and diversity of capabilities, consistently bring themselves to bear for consumer products OEMs of all category types. Examples here may include writing instrument barrels, outdoor products, furniture and household good applications, picture frames, and the pool & spa industry.

Pexco further satisfies this market with its ability to provide additional plastic fabrication, machining, and assembly services – welding, drilling, notching, routing, laminating, packaging, among others – customizing the design specs and providing alternative solutions for commercial and consumer products.

  • Writing Instruments
  • Furniture
  • Household Products
  • Home Office Products
  • Pool & Spa
  • Other Consumer Products

Typical Consumer Resin Materials

Pexco processes and converts a wide range of material solutions, from PVC to Butyrate to Polypropylene to Polystyrene. All these and more are featured in our consumer product solutions. And we have the capability & experience to develop new solutions for you and your market performance needs.

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Pexco manufactures solutions with over 400 different material grades and types.

Manufacturing Capabilities

More than just Extrusion

Pexco brings multiple technology divisions and platforms to your market and needs, delivering a full suite of plastic product components and assemblies.

Mightier than the sword

A leading brand of pens and markers wants to outsource high volume product component manufacturing to a reliable, specialty extruder close to its assembly production and packaging facility in Mexico.