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Working with Pexco enables each customer to choose from a selection of technology offerings. Whether your plastic needs involve extrusion, injection molding or a custom fit, we at Pexco are here with a solution.

Custom Plastics

Pexco was born in custom plastics. Specialty custom plastic solutions are a part of Pexco's DNA. We can serve your needs across countless market applications.  Learn More >

Injection Molding

High quality plastic molded parts

Serving the Medical, Aerospace and Defense, and Precision Industrial markets.


Pexco's DNA

State of the art processing technologies include profile extrusion, tube extrusion and co-extrusion.

Machined Plastics

Precise applications

A wide variety of CNC machining equipment for your complex plastic fabrication needs.


Consultation and design

Value-added services include product/part design and engineering, die development and processing, and downstream post-production fabrication, assembly and packaging services.